Sunday, January 20, 2008

Accounting Software-What to look For...

Here's a good article I found to point you in the right direction when choosing an accounting software program!

With all the accounting software available, it's hard to know which program is the best fit for your business finances. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate small business accounting software.
Ease of Use – We look for finance software that is simple to install, set up, and understand. The best accounting programs make navigating intuitive, so you never have to guess where you are or what to do next.

Accounting Modules – Accounting modules are categories required to successfully maintain your business finances (such as accounts payable and Accounts Receivable). Does the accounting software have all the basic accounting modules you'll need? All the bells and whistles of the software aren't relevant if the basics aren't covered.

Will the finance software grow with your company? We look for accounting software that lets you grow and customize your system to fit your individual business needs.
Reporting Categories – Consider accounting software that offers a wide range of reports. You should be able to print at least one kind of report for every module. Reporting features are often built into each section, but it's better if you can create reports from anywhere in the program.
Customizable reports save you time; look for accounting software that will let you set your own criteria. With detailed financial reporting, you can analyze what is and isn't working for your business.

Help Documentation – Look for email and phone support; toll-free phone and live support, online help is a bonus.

Online, we look for indexed help topics that can be searched easily. You'll want quick access for both technical help and accounting help for your software. Accounting software companies should have qualified people (both technicians and accountants) answering these tough questions.With the right accounting software, you will be able to manage your company books quickly and easily.

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Mahi Jhon said...

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