Wednesday, January 30, 2008

7 Low-End Accounting Software Products

Hey, guys Did some research on a few software packages that might be of some value to you. "Depending of course on your needs". These specific packages were rated as the best om the low-end side of accounting software... But, have a lot of bang for the buck. Just wanted to give you this short list before I head-out for the day. Go check them out for yourselves if you have the time... Later :-)

Here's the list starting with #1

(1) BusinessVision 32 from (best Software)

(2) Small Business Manager (Microsoft)- This is the one I use..."Love it!!"

(3) M.Y.O.B (M.Y.O.B software)

(4) Peachtree Complete Accounting 2004 (Best Software)- Recent Update 2005

(5) Quickbooks Pro 2003 (Intuit) - I believe my mom has this one and says it's not bad.

(6) Simply Accounting ( Best Software)- I guess the name says it all..."Not Bad for the price... But I'll stick with what I have.

Finally, the last one:

Vision Point 2000 ( Best Software)- Been around for awhile, but still carries some avid users.

Well, there you go! Hope this helps... I'll post some of the higher-end stuff tomorrow when I get a break. Have a Great Day! :-)

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